Jessica Minhas

Jessica Minhas is a social justice and media expert who makes complex human rights issues relevant, understandable and actionable for audiences of all ages.

Jessica is a nationally recognized speaker and lectures regularly at universities, conferences and non-profits. Some of her speaking platforms have included Harvard University, Columbia University, TEDx, Social Media Week and New York Fashion Week. She is an on-air expert for such media outlets as Huffington Post Live, Halogen TV & Saudi News. This pursuit is borne from passion– Jessica herself is a survivor of  childhood abuse. As painful and difficult as her upbringing has been, she was moved deeply by the young girls she met on her initial journey to India while searching for her biological family. Their stories of tragedy, senseless abuse, rape, incest, forced prostitution, lack of education and most of all, a lack of a voice of their own, gave Jessica the courage to not only share her own story, but to help other survivors embrace and rise above their stories as well. Everything Jessica does is colored by a commitment to shed light on issues that are normally silenced in shame and offer hope to those without it. She challenges audiences to think globally, empowers them to find their purpose and cultivate their unique voices for the common good.



Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan became a caretaker at the age of 10, and witnessed the loss of her mother, brother and father all before she was 20, thus stepping into the role of a parent to her youngest brother. As a result, she held on to a pattern of unhealthy and abusive relationships to cope with loss, while even getting married and divorced. These early life-altering events taught Dr. Bhushan resilience, strength, forgiveness, but meanwhile catapulted her strong desire to thrive professionally. This innate hunger led her to nurture others through transforming smiles and confidence through the vehicle of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Bhushan launched her first health business venture at 27, grew to a million dollar practice, while establishing other real estate ventures, angel investing, and startup organizations. Now, she establishes communities through women’s groups and pursues her passion of women’s development by transforming lives from within. Dr. Bhushan believes it is when women recognize their own capabilities, their world begins to shift and thus their possibilities are limitless.


You’re worthless. You’re human garbage. You’re destined to fail in life. This is what the world told Anthony growing up in foster care before he decided to be the exception to the rule; but, how he did it is the amazing part. He applied a unique set of skills that he learned throughout life to become what no one, not even himself, believed he could be.

Anthony is a former NFL player, former owner of a successful seven figure gym for over 6 years, was featured in the Wall Street Journal, and has trained multiple professional athletes. He is also an international speaker, author, life guide, consultant to multi-million dollar companies, and a father to three amazing kids.

Anthony provides life changing keynotes filled with passionate energy, comedy, brutal honesty, empowerment, hope, clarity, and direction.

It's time to live an unexpected life, once you learn to Trust Your Hustle.